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Peerless Mastering

The A studio at Peerless Mastering is one of the most accurate listening environments in the world. Since opening in 2002 this room has received critical acclaim by everyone that has experienced it. Everything about this room became part of the design if we thought it might affect the acoustical performance. The furniture was modeled and designed to have as little acoustical impact while still providing a good working arrangement. Light sources, ventilation, client seating and even the clients were accounted for in the design.

For a room to be this accurate, the design has to be flawless at all of the basic levels such as room geometry, boundry complience, interior treatment and layout. Once you have that, you can turn your attention to the finer details where small but cumulative improvements can be made.

Some of the acoustical criteria that we achieved:

Frequency Response at mix position:
± 1.0dB 10Hz. to 37kHz.
± 3.0 dB 4Hz. to 42kHz.

Interchannel Frequency Response Difference (L,R) at mix position:
±¼ dB 130Hz. to 24kHz.
±1.0dB 15Hz. to 32kHz.

Initial Time Delay Gap:
Duration: 22mS
Depth: 34dB

*Above pictures are are rendering of the control room before construction (top left) and actual picture of the room after completion (top right).

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