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In the last twenty years, we've been extremely fortunate to meet, work with and become good friends with hundreds of incredible people. This section is dedicated to them. These are the people that make Alactronics an amazing place to work.

We can't possibly fit and don't have pictures of everyone so if you're not seen here send us a picture.

We love you all.

Bob Alach

Lou in his teenage years
Joe "extreme install" Pires
Scott on T&M
Rob and Joe hard at work.

master of cool

Lou, Joe & Scott, the Symphony install crew.
Three of many lovelies.
Dicky and one of the many formen.
Jeff Lipton with his macchiato latte gin fizz
Jay Levitt
Bob Erdman
Rick Scott
Bill Carmen
David Gonet
Nichole, Bob, Bob, & Grady at Steve Albini's Studio
Jim pouring one more for Paul
Brian (the immortal) McNamara
A young Mike Keller
The gang in a parking lot, somehere in Boston.
Andy Topeka
Gary Leggitt
Bill, Lou, & Bob at the UMASS install.
Lou and Eric discussing Y2K issues.
Ron is happy.
Bill, Bob, Robert, & the lovily Joan.
Bob and Grady feasting on "double D" sushi with Tom Daily from Dolby Labs.