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Squid Hell Studios

Squid Hell Studios in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts is currently under construction. This facility will feature an extremely accurate surround mixing / mastering environment with resolution to below 10 Hz. The main monitoring will use SLS high power ribbons and SA amplification. The Studio has 29' ceilings, a wrap around balcony at 17', spiral staircase and very carefully designed acoustics with variable decay time. There are two large isolation booths with variable acoustics. Each have a grand view into the main room. All of these rooms are floating and isolated to individual sub foundations below the building. The facility is protected against RFI / EMI by a metal out shell with a very low impedance earth ground.

The building power is completely seperate from the technical power which is isolated, filiterd, surge protected and balanced before it is distributed. Technical ground is provided by a deep, multi-electrode system surrounded by a non corrosive slurry 20' below ground level.

The mechanical systems are designed to provide clean conditioned air without noise. The control room system is carefully designed to maintain comfortable conditions without temperature gradients. The main studios will have a noise floor below NC-10.

There will be two reverberation chambers located under the building. The larger of the two is over 3,000 cubic feet and will have a variable decay time from 0.8 s to over 3.0 s.

The buildout also includes lounges, kitchen areas, offices, two great sounding stair towers and other support areas. Scheduled to be completed towards the end of 2004.

*Above pictures are renderings of control and studio rooms before construction.

Below are recent pictures of Squid Hell under construction.

Main studio lower level.
Main studio dead area.

Main studio upper level.
Control Room.

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