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Boston Symphony Hall
WCRB Radio

Initally it felt like such an honor when WCRB asked us to design new studios in Boston Symphony Hall. Then they took us to the space. The studio was 150 sq. ft. which actually included two rooms, a narration studio and the mixing suite. These are the studios that record the BSO? Indeed, most of the recordings are done in this room along with weekly live broadcasts for WCRB. These before pictures will give you some idea of what we found.




These two rooms are the place where modern recording technology and a 100 year old institution collide. Just abour every technical crew from every event since 1950 has run cables into or out of this room and they're all still there.

Designing this space felt like designing a sailboat. No room and plenty function. The main studio had to have accurate surround capable monitoring, a good amount of worksurface, lighting, cable distribution, eqipment racks and room for at least one person. All this in 90 sq. ft. The narration studio looks out to the main stage through a window and also provides the best view of the orchestra for VIP's and interview talent.



See video footage of the WCRB Booth at Boston Symphony Hall HERE